FAQ's / What is Safe Haven?

Several years ago, AYSO established its Safe Haven Program to protect the children and AYSO volunteers who come into contact with them. Every year, eligible volunteers must complete an AYSO National Volunteer Application and agree to be subject to a background check. Each volunteer subject to the Safe Have Program must

  • participate in formal AYSO training,
  • become certified for whatever position the volunteer holds, and
  • be appointed by Region 13 as an “official” volunteer.

Every year each volunteer must reapply, be re-certified through continuing education and must be re-appointed by AYSO Region 13.

The requirement of a background check probably needs little explanation. Most youth organizations require such a procedure. The training, certification and appointment procedures are designed to give maximum protection to volunteers by bringing AYSO under the federal Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. The Act generally provides legal protection for volunteers, unless the harm was caused by willful or criminal misconduct. In addition, of course, the benefit to the children of having trained volunteers meeting certain known standards is obvious.

Volunteers such as Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, Assistant Referees, Team Managers, Board Members and Administrative Staff must complete an AYSO National Volunteer Application, which is quite extensive. If you wish to complete this form at registration, you may do so. However, we recommend that you complete the form online before registration by visiting www.eayso.org. You also have the option, however, of completing the form later and turning it in at a subsequent meeting. A Region 13 official will, however, be required to confirm your identity with a picture ID card at the time you turn in your AYSO National Volunteer Application. To complete this Application, you will need the following information:

  • Driver’s license and social security number
  • Name, address and telephone numbers
  • Prior address if less than five years at present address
  • Business or employer’s name, telephone, fax and e-mail address
  • Birthdate and volunteer information
  • The name, address, relationship and telephone number of a professional reference, such as employment, school, church or other organization
  • The name, address, relationship and telephone number of a personal reference who is a non-relative, known at least one year and must be different from the professional reference
  • Description of prior youth-related experience, including the name, position, dates of volunteer activity and reference name, position, telephone and address

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