FAQ's / What is Graduation Series?

Graduation Series is a non-competitive post-season program designed for the more skilled and competitive older players in the U8 division, who will be moving up (“graduating”) to the U10 division next fall. The Graduation Series will consist of 7 games of 7 vs. 7 U10-style soccer played on a U10-sized field with goals and goalkeepers. The games will be played on Saturdays in January and February against similar teams from our region. There is an additional fee to participate in the Graduation Series.

Teams are selected and balanced based upon the player evaluations completed by their U8 coaches. No requests for pairing with friends or classmates are accommodated – teams are formed on a “blind draw” basis.

Graduation Series teams usually have 1 practice on a weekday evening and 1 Skills Clinic session on a different weekday evening. Games, weather permitting, are on Saturdays from mid-January until the end of February (no make-up games). Games will be scheduled every Saturday including Holiday weekends.

Participation in the Graduation Series program requires a commitment to soccer exceeding that required of U8 players during the regular season. Graduation Series players will be expected to attend all practices and games, and to give the program priority over other sports or activities in which the player may be participating. Please note that Graduation Series practices and games may conflict with other winter sports programs.

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