FAQ's / My team’s families want to give the coach a gift at the end of the season but would like to do something a little more original than buying him or her a gift certificate. Any ideas?

An idea that is not exactly new but would be unique to your team is a memory book for the coach. Each player creates a page that includes his AYSO photo and a personal message. The pages are assembled and placed in a three-ring binder that is given to the coach at season’s end.

The Team Manager (or a parent volunteer) should select stationery and give two to three pages to each player (mistakes happen), along with a sample layout so the player will know which size photo to paste in and how much to write.

To flesh out the book, include a team roster, the team schedule and results, photos taken by parents during the season, etc.

ALL TEAM MANAGERS: Please share any ideas you have that would make a unique and memorable gift. Email to webmaster@ayso13.org.

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