FAQ's / It appears I can communicate with all, or nearly all of my team\’s families by e-mail. How can I be sure that the e-mails I send to the families will reach the right people and be read on a timely basis?

E-mail may appear to be a godsend, but it’s not perfect. Here’s a short checklist:

  1. Verify with the parents the e-mail address they listed on their son or daughter’s AYSO registration form. The info may have been hand-written, including the e-mail address, and what looks like a “\” might actually be a “Z”; is that a lower case “L” or the number “1”?
  2. Make sure that no family has a spam filter or other blocking device that would prevent them from receiving your e-mails.
  3. Does a family need your e-mails sent to more than one address? (Mom and Dad could be divorced or separated, or they may want messages both at home and at work.)
  4. Is there any other factor you need to know about any family’s e-mail situation? For example, there may be a low-tech family on your list that only checks its e-mail every three or four days.

It may also be a good idea to obtain all parents’ cell phone numbers and note which ones can/want to receive text messages. Text messages are often more effective than email these days.

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