FAQ's / How does Region 13 select teams for the Play-Through tournament?

Over the past several years, Area 1C has conducted a post-season single elimination tournament-like League Playoff of regular season teams from the Regions within the Area. This program runs in conjunction with Area C’s All-Star Program, usually in January and February. The League Playoff is conducted under rules and policies set down by Area C and Section 1. Two teams from each Region in boys and girls U10, U12 & U14 divisions are permitted to enter the League Playoff. However, the Area does not specify the procedures for Regions to use in selecting their participating teams. At the discretion of Section 1, the top two teams in each division from the Area C League Playoff may advance to play at the Section 1 Tournament. Region 13 uses the following policies and procedures for selecting its Area C League Playoff teams, commonly referred to as the “Play-Through” teams.

First Team [Pool Play Winner]:
The Pool Play Winner shall be the team with the highest Region 13 regular season winning percentage.

Second Team [Playoff Winner]:
The Playoff Winner shall be the team that wins the Region 13 end-of-season playoff championship.

Non-Region 13 Team Exception:
In the event a non-Region 13 team (e.g. Villa Park) is either the Pool Play Winner or Playoff Winner, the Region 13 team with the next highest regular season winning percentage or the nearest playoff championship runner-up will be deemed the Pool Play Winner or Playoff Winner respectively.

Dual Winner Procedure:
As a matter of definition for play-through purposes only, in the event the Pool Play Winner and the Playoff Winner are the same team, that team will be deemed the Pool Play Winner and the runner up in the Region 13 playoff championship will be deemed the Playoff Winner.

Tie Breakers For Pool Play Winner — In Order:

If two teams have accumulated the same number of points, the tiebreakers are, in order:

  1. Sportsmanship points, provided that the difference is at least 10.
  2. Head-to-head play. If 3 or more teams are tied, we use the point total in their mutual round-robin games, and any remaining ties are resolved by rules 3-5.
  3. Most victories on the field.
  4. Fewest goals allowed.
  5. Coin flip by Division Coach or Executive Board Member Designated by the Commissioner.

The winner of the top seeded pool is deemed the Playoff Winner for Divisions that have multiple pools in the Region 13 championship playoffs. For seeding purposes only, Area C requires that one play-through team from each Region be labeled “Champ” and the other labeled “Runner Up”. For this purpose only, in Region 13 the Pool Play Winner shall be deemed the “Champ” and the Playoff Winner shall be deemed the “Runner Up”.

Averages are required if teams do not have the same number of matches in regular season play.

Policy Adopted by Region 13 Executive Board 12-7-00.

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