FAQ's / How can I ensure that the distribution of uniforms is a smooth process?

Set aside in advance the uniforms of the players who are obviously the team’s smallest and largest, if you know this in advance. Sizes are so billowy that the uniforms in between will comfortably fit the players in between, whether they are truly “YL” or “AM”.

Presuming that the uniforms are handed out at the end of a pre-season practice, make sure you have control over distribution. Sometimes over-anxious players and well-meaning parents can help turn the process into a minor free-for-all. Line up the players by height and make it clear that the uniforms with low jersey numerals will go to the shortest, the high numerals to the tallest. Once all the uniforms have been handed out, you can help the player who just has to have a lucky number swap with a like-sized teammate.

Vital: Enlist the help of a parent to jot down which player received which jersey numeral. See to it that the coach receives a copy of the list as soon as possible. He/she needs it in order to fill out the lineup card for the first match.

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