FAQ's / How are sportsmanship points awarded?

AYSO and Region 13 have always been committed to good sportsmanship. It is a significant part of the learning experience we want our children to have and it is also closely related to the success of our volunteer-run activities. The cooperative spirit on which Region 13 depends is itself an example of good sportsmanship.

Our program follows the positive emphasis of AYSO’s governing philosophy. Each week, referees, using a 5 point scale, separately rate the players, the coaches, and the fans on each team. Our expectation is that teams will receive minimum scores of 9 at every match. More or fewer points can be assigned based on conduct.

For the U10, U12 and U14 divisions, the sportsmanship points earned, along with the game scores, will be posted on a weekly basis.

Experience shows us that the most likely cause of loss of sportsmanship points is poor conduct by parents and others on the sidelines. Please remember that everything our children see and hear adults do determines their developmental pattern. Set a good example, no matter what level of play is involved.

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