FAQ's / How are referee credits determined?

The referees provide their names, team numbers, and code letters on the game cards. If a team’s referee works that team’s assigned game (code A), or if a pre-arranged substitute works that team’s assigned game (code B), then the team receives credit for completing one assignment. Each game that a team’s referee works, regardless of code, is also counted. The number of “referee wins” is the GREATER of these two numbers. The number of “referee losses” is the number of assignments NOT fulfilled by either code A or code B referees. A team is liable for a “referee loss” if the game was covered by a code C referee or if fewer than three referees worked the game.

The number of referee wins and losses determines each team’s referee “winning percentage.” This percentage is converted to a maximum of 9 points, equivalent to 3 extra wins for the team, pro-rated during the course of the season.

Referee points = (ref wins / (ref wins + ref losses)) <== winning percentage x (number of weeks played / number of weeks in season) <=== pro-rated x 9 <== maximum number of points by the end of the season. rounded to the nearest integer.

The referee points are added to the team’s points to determine the standings.

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