FAQ's / What equipment does a player need?

You will have to buy shinguards and a ball. Fall season players receive shorts, socks, and a jersey.

Every AYSO player is required to wear shin guards at every game and practice. Socks must be worn to cover the shin guards, so that the straps don’t catch on someone else’s shoe (ouch!).

Soccer cleats are optional. Please be sure that the cleats are specifically made for soccer, without a toe spur, as are used for football or baseball.

Shorts used in games must not have pockets or belt loops, so they don’t snag a finger.

Most coaches will ask each player to bring a soccer ball of the correct size to practice. It is also useful to have a ball for home practice and fun. The younger divisions,¬†4U – 8U, use a size 3 ball. In 10U and 12U, it’s a size 4. The older players, 14U and above, use a size 5.

Bring a full water bottle at each game and practice — at least a quart of water for games on hot days.

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