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AYSO is Volunteering

When you register your child to play AYSO, you are saying “Yes!  I will volunteer.”

AYSO is an all parent volunteer organization.  Every Coach, Referee, and Team Parent, is a parent volunteer.

The Board of Directors, Coaching Staff, and Referee Staff are all parent volunteers. Every Team will need you to volunteer to be a Coach or a Referee or a Team Parent or fill another important role to ensure your child’s Team is a success.

In Region 13, we think it takes a community, not a village, to have a successful season for our 2800 children.


Let me explain what I mean by this…

Let’s take the 2800 players we have had, as an average, in Region 13.


With U6 thru U19, let’s say the average team consists of 12 players.

That means we have roughly 250 teams….

To support 250 teams, we need 250 coaches.  250 coaches that are registered volunteers with the appropriate training.  For the U14 and higher levels, this training takes at least a full weekend. We also need 250 assistant coaches…also registered and trained volunteers.


Each team also needs on the average 2 referees.  You guessed it, that’s 500 registered volunteers with the appropriate training, and, like coaches, higher level referees require long training classes.


If that isn’t enough, each team needs a team manager and some have a picture coordinator, a banner coordinator and other positions that support the coaches and team manager.


Let’s add all this up; 250 coaches, 250 assistant coaches, 500 referees, 250 team managers…

That adds up to 1250 volunteers.  1250 registered and properly trained volunteers.


In order to ensure each and every one of our 2800 players have as successful a season as possible, we need 1250 of YOU, parents, to step up (or continue to step up) and help us.  Help us, your Regional, Area, Sectional and National board members, who work year round to make sure we provide a world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.


So, as you register your child for this fall season, please consider becoming a coach, referee or team manager.  The special bond between you and your children that is created by your helping is priceless.  If you don’t believe me, as any of the many volunteers that are helping you today…or better yet, ask any of the kids, your kids, if they like having their parents involved.


Thank you


AYSO Region 13 Executive Board

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