FAQ's / Can a game be rescheduled voluntarily?

Coaches may not arrange to reschedule games at times/dates/locations different from those in the published game schedules. Region 13 recognizes and appreciates that there may be many important and legitimate reasons for unavailability of coaches and/or players on any given game date. Those reasons could include family responsibilities, religious observations, school commitments, cultural celebrations or holidays, community involvement, health, etc.

We encourage each participant to make personal choices about such conflicts and for all involved to respect those personal choices. However, because of limited field availability, difficulties of management and the potential for even greater scheduling conflicts that might accompany any attempted changes to the published game schedule, teams may not cancel, reschedule or make up games that do not conform to the published schedule. If, for whatever reason, a team is unable to field the required minimum number of players and/or have an adult in charge because of such personal choices, normal forfeiture rules will apply.

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