FAQ's / After three games, many of the players on your team still behave like strangers toward one another. Or they just seem a bit flat. What can you, as Team Manager, do to break the ice?

Hold a team party.

Just as there’s no AYSO rule requiring a team to have an end-of-the-season party, there’s no rule that says a party can’t be held in September or October.

Besides Pasadena, Altadena and La Cañada, Region 13 draws players from several other cities, including Los Angeles. That may reduce the chances of a team having a clique based on a common school or neighborhood, but it also increases the likelihood that it may take a while for the players to mesh socially.

There are a couple of advantages to holding a team party in the first half of the season. Unlike an end-of-the-season party, a Team Manager (of a U-10 team and older) can set the date without wondering whether the team’s season will end with its opening playoff match in December or a week or two later with the championship game. And since this is Southern California in late summer/early autumn: Perhaps the family that volunteers it’s home for the party has a swimming pool.

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