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AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

Thursday, Sep. 17, 2020

Fall Soccer

COVID-19 Update

Fall 2020 Postponed

Please note that the Core season, usually played in Fall and usually known as the Fall program, has been postponed in Fall 2020. With LA County allowing only very limited group activity, we are unable to have a league, or teams, or games, or even scrimmages.

We have an 8-week program of once-per-week, one-hour, socially distanced training session. This program, known as “Skills & Drills,” is for players born 2012 or before (10U and up) – click here to register.   

We might be allowed to play more competitively in the Spring of 2021. If that is the case, practices might start in Winter, and maybe games in the Spring. As we await word from county and city authorities, the Region 13 board is preparing for all return-to-play scenarios.

Fall Soccer – General Information

AYSO Region 13 is an all-volunteer soccer organization, providing fun, fair, and safe soccer programs for kids in Pasadena, La Canada, Altadena, and nearby areas.

In our regular Fall Season (also known as our Core program), about 2000 kids play soccer each year, mostly on Saturdays, from Labor Day through early December. Most teams practice one evening a week, and play a game every Saturday (except Thanksgiving weekend). For most age divisions, there are 11 games, followed by a single-elimination playoff tournament for the 10U and older divisions. By volunteering to coach, manage, or referee your child’s team, you make it happen.


All registration for Fall is done thru the Sports Connect (formerly Blue Sombrero) registration system. Players will be assigned teams on a first-come, first served basis, and the number of teams will depend on how many volunteers sign up. Players whose parents coach or referee have priority. Please register early, to give the coaching staff time to create balanced teams.

Fees, Scholarships, and Refunds

For the Fall/Core program of 2020, we had intended a rate of $150. We will adjust that rate, depending on when we are able to return to play and have a Core program. No child will be turned away because of ability to pay, so if cost is a concern for your family, please email registrar@ayso13.org to request a scholarship.

Please note that AYSO National charges a mandatory, non-refundable $20 AYSO Membership fee on all registrations. This $20 fee is included in all prices listed above. Also, new this year, there is a $2.75 processing fee added on the Sports Connect website at checkout. This is also included in the prices listed above.

Once we activate the wait list, payment is due. If you have to cancel before the start of the season, most, but not all, of the fee is refundable, per the refund policy.


Region 13 works because over 500 dedicated volunteers make it happen. Every fall, over 230 teams play more than 1500 games. This requires the coordinated efforts of hundreds of volunteers including coaches, referees, team managers, parents and administrative staff.

For now, all those interested in volunteering should sign up using this form. Once we know if we’re playing this Fall, we’ll invite all those volunteers to submit volunteer applications and get trained to coach or referee. Players are assigned to teams, and you can expect to hear from your child’s coach by mid-August. In Region 13, every child on a 10U-14U team will play for at least 3/4 of a game, which demands that teams be smaller than in some other AYSO regions. Each team needs a Head Coach, an Assistant Coach, two Referees, and a Team Manager.

If you are willing to do one of these, please fill out the volunteer interest form.

What’s the commitment? Coaches and referees take a class. The easiest way to start is with the 4-hour 8U Referee class when your kids are young, and the next year take the 4-hour Regional Referee Upgrade class, which is valid through 12U. Coaches generally take one class every other year. Coaches run one practice per week, and at least one coach attends each game. Referees in 6U-10U officiate their own child’s games. If you were going to watch the game anyway, you might as well be a referee and get a better view! For U12 and older, you would referee the game before your child’s. Region 13 asks teams to have two coaches and two referees so that each one can miss a few practices or games. Within age groups, all the volunteers work collectively as a team, and can cover for each others’ absences so that it’s fun, fair, and safe for the kids.

Even if you don’t know anything about soccer, please consider coaching or refereeing. Just be ready to help kids have fun, and we’ll teach you everything else you need to know. Coach and referee training classes are offered from June through September. And everyone who volunteers also takes a Safe Haven course, which reminds us how to keep kids safe at all times, plus an online Concussion Awareness course.

Please click here to volunteer for any role — coach, referee, team manager, etc.


Each division (e.g. “G10U” or “B6U”) is organized by a Division Coach Administrator (DCA), who assigns players and volunteers to teams. For the 4U and 5U divisions, everyone plays at the same time in the same place, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling.

Please note that division titles are a bit misleading – the term “10U” sounds like it means “10 and Under,” which is why it may seem like your child is too young for the age group. But it actually means “Under 10” – everybody in the age group is either 8 or 9 years old through 2020 – so your child will be playing in the two-year division he/she belongs.

Style of play MY2020 Division Player born Players on team Players on field Referees
Jamboree 4U 2017 n/a everyone none
5U 2016 n/a everyone
Noncompetitive 6U 2015 6 – 10 everyone referee your
own kid’s
7U 2014 8 – 10 everyone
8U 2013 8 – 10 everyone
with playoffs
10U 2011, 2012 9 7
12U 2009, 2010 12 9 referee the
game before
14U 2007, 2008 14 11 AR game before, Ref assigned
from pool
Competitive, Selective
with local travel
16U 2005, 2006 18 11 assigned
from pool
19U 2002, 2003, 2004 18 11

In the youngest division (6U), the DCAs try to put kids from the same school together on a team (provided that enough parents volunteer to coach and referee), and DCAs may consider other special requests.

In 7U and 8U, the DCAs may consider special requests in some circumstances, but because the balancing of teams and the need for volunteers is always the primary consideration, requests are never promised.

In the competitive divisions (10U and up), players are assigned to teams to balance the skill levels so that the games are fun, fair, and safe. Some teams may finish undefeated, and someone might end up winless, but we do our best to start the season as balanced as possible. Siblings in the same division will be placed together.

In the Upper Division (16U and 19U), teams are drafted in a competitive selection process.

The youngest players, in 4U (playground) and 5U (schoolyard), play in a jomboree format, usually on Saturday morning at Victory Park, divided into two groups most likely at 8am and 9am.


Fall season games start the Saturday after Labor Day and run through the week before Thanksgiving, with playoffs (10U – 14U) only) the one or two weekends after Thanksgiving. Please refer to the maps and schedules. The first game is always a learning experience. Don’t worry too much, it often won’t count toward the season standings.

Almost all games for the players in Divisions 6U through 14U are played on Saturdays. The only exception might be to make up for weather reasons or to resolve a tie in the standings. Divisions 10U through 14U have a single-elimination playoff tournament the two weeks after Thanksgiving, and the winners of that play the following weekend in the Area 1-C playoffs. Winners of that advance to the Section 1 playoffs in Riverside in February.

Upper Division teams (16U and 19U) play teams from other AYSO Regions in Area 1-C, nearby inthe San Gabriel Valley. Most of these games are Sundays and a few weekday evenings. The AYSO season for these divisions runs from early September through mid-November, including playoffs, to avoid conflicting with the high school season.

Special requests

If you have a question about your child playing up or down from the division their age dictates, write to coach@ayso13.org before you register, and expect to have your child attend a player evaluation (schedule TBD). The coaching staff will allow only very strong players to play up, and reserve the right to reverse the decision if it isn’t fun, fair, and safe for everyone. Approvals for requests to play down are very rare, for safety reasons.

If you have a player with special needs, please describe them on the registration form. Region 13 is a supportive and positive community, and many children with disabilities play successfully in the main program. Region 13 is also proud to offer a VIP program for players of any age. Write to vip@ayso13.org for more info.


Shinguards are required at all games and practices.

Please, please, please, do not get your ears pierced until after the season ends. Your child must remove earrings, hair beads, bracelets, and necklaces in order to practice or play.

Casts, rigid braces, and hard hair beads are also not allowed. It’s nearly impossible to avoid unintentional contact, and it’s painful and dangerous to hit or be hit by another player.


Region 13 is a friendly and supportive community of families. You can support your child’s team and coach by providing positive encouragement. Keep in mind that something as simple as “Shoot!” or “Pass it!” are interpreted as instructions and tend to confuse players more than help, as these instructions can be contrary to what the coach has asked the team to do.

Great sportsmanship means cheering for outstanding efforts by both teams. Region 13 spectators are always positive and encouraging to the volunteer referees, volunteer coaches of the opposing team, and all children at the field. We’re all here to have fun! You’ll know it’s been a good game when your child doesn’t know the final score. (Just nod and agree with whatever she says.)

Region 13 trains, mentors, and recognizes the efforts of volunteers. Parents are asked to provide regular feedback on coaches and referees. You can always find the links in the Forms menu on ayso13.org.


The game and practice schedules are typically created in late August or early September (after all field permits are secure). Parents are often concerned about the scheduling of practices and games, especially with multiple children in the program. Games are scheduled so that coaches and referees don’t have to be in two places at once, so it’s important to identify these volunteers early. The only way to have a say in your schedule is to volunteer early.

Practices begin the day after Labor Day. Head coaches select their practice nights, so if you need a specific day of the week, we recommend you volunteer to coach. Otherwise, we can try, but can’t promise, to fulfill any requests to avoid a certain night of practice.


If, for any reason, you need to withdraw from the program, see the instructions for requesting a refund. If you have questions about volunteering or about registration, you can write to registrar@ayso13.org. You can also reach out to your Division Coach Administrator.

Thank you for being a part of our Region 13 soccer community!

Ready to register? Click into Region 13’s Sports / Connect Registration System.to join our wait list for Fall 2020. We’ll notify you as soon as we know more about our Core season.



Practice Fields

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