Concussion Recovery Tips from the Children’s Hospital of LA

Hello AYSO 13 families!

The CHLA Sports Medicine Program, part of the Children’s Orthopedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is a proud sponsor of AYSO.  From sprains and breaks to concussions to motion analysis, and everything in between, the pediatric specialists at the CHLA Sports Medicine Program help kids stay in the game, and get back in the game quicker when injuries occur.

If you’ve ever worried about your child getting a concussion while playing sports, here are some tips from CHLA on how to help your young athlete safely recover from a concussion.

1) Take it easy!

Rest from all exercise and athletic activities; texting, email, computer time, phone calls, loud music/TV/movies and video games; and intense studying and reading, as directed by your doctor. Needing more rest than usual after a concussion is normal.

2) Be safe and smart!

Until your child is feeling better he or she should not do anything that may cause another fall or brain injury. Initially that means no activities like riding a bike, skateboarding or playing sports.

3) Break things down into easy steps.

After a concussion, it may be harder to concentrate or pay attention. So, rather than studying for an hour straight, your child should study for no more than 30 minutes at a time before taking a break and then studying for another 30 minutes.

4) See a doctor experienced in treating concussions. To learn more about concussion care, check out the resources below, or speak to someone at the Children’s Orthopaedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Here are some additional helpful resources:

Take care, and see you on the field!


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