Head Coaches

All of the Region 13 head coaches from B6U through G19U are listed below. 


Team Number First Last Email
B06U:01 Nabil Bisharat nabisharat@gmail.com
B06U:02 Saul Garlick saul.garlick2@gmail.com
B06U:03 George Hervey gherveyayso@gmail.com
B06U:04 Peter Kingston peterkingston@gmail.com
B06U:05 Kristopher McLaughlin kmclaughlin@discoveryecon.com
B06U:06 Craig Rosebraugh craigrosebraugh@gmail.com
B06U:07 Dylan Russell dylan.fischer.russell@gmail.com
B06U:08 Joshua Shaw 5955498@gmail.com
B06U:09 Steve Talbot stevenltalbot@gmail.com
B06U:10 Adam Wierman adamwierman@gmail.com

AYSO Philosophies

Everyone Plays
Balanced Teams
Open Registration
Positive Coaching
Good Sportsmanship
Player Development