AYSO’s Safe Haven Course

As you probably know by now, AYSO is a special organization because it is a world leader in child development through soccer.  Nationwide, AYSO is run almost entirely by volunteers, and we support one another by offering extensive training for all of our volunteers.

In our training curriculum, AYSO’s Safe Haven is the most important course you will ever take.  It’s the foundation upon which all of our child development programs are built.

After completing AYSO’s Safe Haven, we have other courses that will teach you about Coaching, Refereeing,  Management, and even Sports Health training (starting with Concussion).  But all of these courses are built upon a structure of managing ourselves to develop children through the framework we teach in AYSO’s Safe Haven.

As a further thought, you might like to know that AYSO’s Safe Haven program was the first of its kind in youth sports, most notably in soccer. It creates a safe environment for players and volunteers to have a happy and healthy soccer experience.  This is why AYSO’s Safe Haven is the most important course that you will ever take in AYSO.

To register for the training sessions we offer for AYSO’s Safe Haven, you need to do two things:

  • First, apply to become an AYSO Volunteer.  To do that, please follow the instructions offered on this page:  https://ayso13.org/how-to-become-a-volunteer/
  • Second, visit AYSOU.org to enroll in one of the course times offered there.  If you want to find times when you can take the course in person, but do not see any times that work for you, please email the AYSO CVPA by email to cvpa@ayso13.org.  We will be happy to schedule time for you.

For Coaches, the in-person version of AYSO’s Safe Haven is required.  For everyone else, the in-person version is recommended, but you can take the online version of the course offered through AYSOU.org.  You are also welcome to take both.

The in-person version of AYSO’s Safe Haven is interactive, and you will receive instruction from an experienced AYSO volunteer who can answer all questions and challenge you with stimulating discussion.  We consider in-person instruction mandatory for Coaches because Coaches have the closest and most frequent contact with children in our programs, and we trust our Coaches to promote AYSO’s principles and philosophies — and to manage themselves and everyone else on the team according to the guidelines we teach in AYSO’s Safe Haven.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Send email to our Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) by email to CVPA@ayso13.org.

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