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Philosophy logoAYSO is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing a healthy soccer experience for young people from the ages of 41/2 to 19. AYSO is based upon six guiding principles: Open Registration, Good Sportsmanship, Balanced Teams, Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching and Player Development. We stress a positive attitude at all times. Soccer should be FUN!

AYSO National guidelines require that each player participate in 50% (2 quarters) of each game. Region 13 has modified this policy so that each child is guaranteed of playing at least three quarters of every game he or she attends (division U-6 through U-14, except U10) during the regular fall season. In U10, because of roster size (10) and the number of players on the field (7), if the whole team shows up, 2 players will only play 1/2 of the game. The guarantee in U16 and U19 is 1/2 of every game. At the same time, your child will be learning to be a member of a team: along with the rest of the teammates, he or she will be expected to show good attendance and promptness at both the games and at the practices.

We have open registration. As long as field space remains available and there are sufficient adult volunteers to act as coaches and referees, any registration submitted before registration closes is accepted, regardless of the player’s experience or ability. Registrations received after the closing date will be placed on a waiting list. However, we cannot guarantee a placement as the teams begin to fill up.

The teams are selected to ensure balance with respect to both ability and age levels. We make extensive efforts to get consistent player ratings – an absolute necessity for team balancing.

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AYSO Philosophies

Everyone Plays
Balanced Teams
Open Registration
Positive Coaching
Good Sportsmanship
Player Development

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