All-Star/Tournament Coach Application

Please use this form to apply to AYSO Region 13 as a tournament coach and/or as an All-Star coach.

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  • Selection Process:

    • Submit completed form by October 1st (and you will receive an email confirmation).
    • All applications will be distributed to appropriate Region 13 officials for review, verification of information, and recommendations regarding coach placement.
    • The Evaluation Committee will review the applications and all related information, and make the final selection and assignment of coaches. Selection will be made by majority vote. The committee is composed of the Regional Commissioner, Regional Coach Administrator, Regional Referee Administrator, the Advanced Play Coordinator and the respective Division Coach Administrator.

    For any questions please contact Vinh Nguyen at .

  • Qualification Requirements

    • U10: for Sectional and Area teams, at least AYSO Intermediate certification is preferred. For Regional teams, at least U12 certification is preferred.
    • U12/U14: for Sectional teams, at least AYSO Advanced certification is preferred. For Area and Regional teams, at least Intermediate certification is required.
  • Selection Criteria

    Candidates will be evaluated by the same standards as fall season coaches are, along with additional considerations germane to the All-Star/ Tournament program. The Evaluation Committee will favorably consider candidates who:

    • Demonstrably advocate and place into action the AYSO philosophy
    • Have devoted more time as an AYSO volunteer
    • Have higher coaching certification
    • Communicate more effectively with his/her team
    • Have not received cautions and/or ejections from the field by referees in regional play and/or tournaments outside Region 13
    • Have demonstrated timely compliance with administrative procedures
    • Are available for coaching a Thanksgiving tournament team
    • Are committed to providing post All-Star season (i.e., YDP and/or spring/summer tournament season) play opportunities for his/her team