All about game cards

Here is a quick reminder to coaches and referees about game cards.

  • Before the game (preferably before you reach the field!), coaches fill out the top section, list the players (first and last names please) with their uniform numbers, write down the date, time and field, and then give the card to the referee.  You may get more game cards from the receptacle outside the front door of the Clubhouse or at the tent at Victory Park.  If you’re making your own, please use card stock, as plain paper does not survive a game very well.  Referees add the date, time and field (if not already written in) and put the team number of both teams at the bottom of both cards: home on top, away on bottom.
  • During the game, each assistant referee carries the card for the team on their touchline. The AR marks down who is sitting out and who is the goalkeeper each “quarter.”  When a player on that team scores a goal, put a tally mark | in the “Goals Scored” columns, for first half or second half.  If the same player scores again, use a second tally mark | | rather than trying to turn that 1 into a 2.  (You know what will happen next if you do that.)  At halftime, record the score at the bottom.
  • After the game and the handshakes, write the number of goals scored in the second half at the bottom, and put the total (the final score) in the bottom right.  Please be sure to get the scores correct!  Each official should print their name on both cards, the team (if any) that they represent, and the code letter:
    • A = you were assigned to this game
    • B = you were a prearranged substitute
    • C = you were a last-minute fill-in for a no-show
    • D = you were a “club linesman” (not an AYSO-certified referee)
  • Then the referee turns in both completed game cards:
    • take them to the referee tent at Victory Park or Area H, or
    • put them inside a white game card envelope tied to a goal net.
  • If you have the last Region 13 game of the day at any field with a game card envelope, I ask that you carefully untie the envelope (please don’t just rip it down) and return it with its contents to the Clubhouse.

Your continued cooperation throughout the season is very much appreciated.  With everyone helping like this, my job as your Statistician becomes that much easier.

— Bill Owen, region 13 statistician

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