A Heads-Up About Playoff Schedules

Hi there 10U thru 14U Coaches –
As you know, next Saturday, Nov. 18, marks the end of the regular season.
And many of you are asking – what happens next?
Good question, and this e-mail will give the 10U thru 14U teams some sense of what to expect/schedule after Thanksgiving.
First off, every 10U thru 14U team makes the playoffs.
We have multiple levels of playoffs – so every team has a shot ot some level of championship.
BU10 – 3 brackets (A, B, C)

GU10 – 2 brackets (A, B)

BU12 – 2 brackets (A, B)
GU12 – 2 brackets (A, B)
BU14 – 1 bracket
GU14 – 1 bracket

Bill Owen, our trusty scheduler, will be hard at work for the MST tournament Thanksgiving weekend.
So we realistically won’t have a full playoff schedule until the few days following Thanksgiving weekend.
In the meantime, here is the rough schedule to go by for now, just for general planning purposes –
Sat. Dec. 2
First and second round (everyone has one game, some may have two)
Sun. Dec. 3
no planned games (probably, unless rain-outs Saturday)
Sat. Dec. 9
Semi-finals (and maybe some other Round 2 games, if needed)
Sun. Dec. 10
Region 13 Championships for all age divisions and all brackets
Weekend of Dec. 16-17
Area Play-Thru Tournament
Note – TWO Region 13 teams from EACH age division advance to Play-Thru (12 teams total)
1 – the winner of the overall regular season standings for each age division
2 – the winner of the playoffs for each age division
(if 1 and 2 are the same team, then the runner-up from playoffs goes also)
If you win Area, you continue in Riverside for the Section 1 championship, but we’ll cross that bridge if you get that far . . .
And please note – your practice schedule continues as long as your team is alive in playoffs.
Hope that all helps.
Good luck!

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