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Where: Fields to be determined

Who: Boys & Girls – U10 / U12 / U14 / U16 / U19

Registration: $450 for U-10 / U-12
$500 for U-14 / U-16 / U-19
$250 Referee Deposit

Registration to open soon. If you would like to be notified when registration opens please email

  • 2014 Myles Standish Tournament – Thank you!!

    2014’s Myles Standish Tournament is behind us!!!

    A BIG thank you to all that volunteered and helped make this tournament a HUGE success!!!
    Leading the way was our Tournament Director, Pam Vigil, who put in countless hours, beginning this summer, yes before our season started, planning this tournament.

    We had dozens of other volunteers, who gave up part or all of their long weekend to make it all happen.
    We had two parent/child teams, with Bill and Rob Owen, who managed the ref tents at Muir and Victory Park.  We also had Frank and Eliza Bigelow, who managed the coach/ref tent at La Canada High School.
    Calvin House, Kelly Leyva also spent most of the weekend helping manage the tents.
    Marco Quezada and his crew managed the fields, did the janitorial and maintenance.
    All of this to ensure the tournament ran smoothly.

    And smoothly it ran…

    A few numbers for us all to think about –
    We had 110 teams (18 from Pasadena), meaning roughly 1300 kids.
    296 games total games on 3 different sites and 13 fields (including 2 standby fields we almost needed to use).

    With all those games, we had very few incidents –
         We had two ‘non-players’ who were not able to watch their entire game; one coach and one spectator were gently asked to leave.
         Player-wise, we had 2 send offs, one concussion and one badly twisted ankle.

    Considering all the numbers, these are quite low… a smooth run tournament.

    Of our 18 teams, 11 came in 4th place or higher in their pools –

    • We had 3 first place finishes
      • BU10 Red Flight Coach Douglas’ team
      • GU12 White Flight Coach Okwu’s team
      • BU14 White Flight Coach Landesman’s team
    • We had 3 – 2nd place finishes
      • GU10 Red Flight Coach Menemenlis’ team
      • BU12 Red Flight Coach Piesik’s team
      • GU14 White Flight Coach Taylor’s team
    • We had 1 – 3rd place finish
      • BU12 White Flight Coach Evans’ team
    • We had 4 – 4th place finishes
      • GU10 White Flight Coach Bassett’s team
      • BU10 White Flight Coach Chung’s team
      • BU12 Red Flight Coach Way’s team
      • BU14 Red Flight Coach Lewis’ team

    A fun and productive weekend!!

    Thank you, again, to ALL the volunteers that helped….we could not have held this tournament without you.

    Thank you,


    Al Prado
    Regional Commissioner
    AYSO Region 13 – Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada 
    AYSO’s Vision is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.
    Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, Player Development

Region 13 hosts two very competitive soccer tournaments every year. The Myles Standish Thanksgiving Tournament is a 3-day tournament held over Thanksgiving weekend. This tournament is one of the most competitive tournaments in Southern California and draws over 120 teams in divisions U10 through U19.

The Bill Owen Spring Classic is a 2-day tournament during March or April each year depending on the availability of the Rose Bowl and field permits. This highly competitive tournament is also open to teams in divisions U10 through U19.

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