Practice Field Request, Fall 2014

First and foremost: thank you for coaching. Our community is strong because you give of your time and energy.

As for practice field assignments, each team is assigned 1 weeknight practice. Teams must practice only at their assigned time and place.

There will be 248 practice field assignments; there are only a dozen fields and not all are available every night; we will use almost all of the field space we have. Please be flexible and reasonable in your requests. It is very important that you provide acceptable alternatives to your first choice. Please avoid making special requests.

If you have 2 teams, submit 1 form for both teams. Unless you request otherwise, the 2 teams will be scheduled back-to-back on the same field. U10 and younger teams must finish by 7:30, so if you cannot start early enough, your practices will be scheduled on different nights. If one of your teams is U10, it must practice at 6:00pm for both practices to be on the same night.

If multiple field request forms are submitted, the last form submitted will supersede any earlier form. Nevertheless, please avoid submitting multiple forms.

Please note: At the request of the City of Pasadena, U14, U16, and U19 teams will not be assigned to Jackie Robinson Field.

Practice fields are allocated as follows:

Division Length of Practice
Start time
Field size Team Size
U6 1 hour
5:00 - 6:30
Small 8 - 12
U7 1 hour
5:00 - 6:30
Small 8 - 12
U8 1 hour
5:00 - 6:30
Small 8 - 12
U10 1.5 hours
Small 9
U12 1.5 hours
Normal 12
U14 1.5 hours
Normal 14
U16 1.5 hours
Normal up to 20
U19 1.5 hours
Normal up to 20

The practice field assignments will be posted online as soon as they are completed, probably at the end of August.

Please submit a Practice Field Request even if you have not identified 2 referees; an assignment will be made for you, but the assignment will not be posted (for U6 - U14 divisions) until the Referee Team Volunteer Form is submitted.

If you have questions about field assignments, direct them to,

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