• Referee Assignments for Saturday, December 10th Playoff Games

    Referee assignments for playoff games this Saturday, December 10th are as follows:

    • U10 and U12 cover the game before (first game covers the last game).  Home team provides 2 referees, visiting provides one.
    • U14 sends one AR to the game before (first game covers the last game), and Al Prado will assign the referee.
    • Note that the times of the first and last games aren’t the same for all fields.

    All referees for Sunday’s games will be assigned.

    Good luck to your teams and thank you for volunteering!

  • Playoff schedule December 10 and 11

    The playoff schedule for Saturday, December 10, and “Champions Sunday,” December 11, is available in matrix form (click on playoff2016matrix) and in bracket form (click on playoff2016bracket).  I know that many of the U12 girls will be participating in a 5K on the morning of the 10th, and I also know about the ISEE tests.  I have done my best to accommodate these in Saturday’s schedule.

    Please note that the semifinal losers in flight A of both BU10 and GU10 will play a consolation game for 3rd and 4th place on Sunday.

    Referees, you will be hearing about the referee schedule later.

    Thank you all for your help all year long.  It is only through everyone’s cooperation that I am able to publish this schedule so quickly.

    — Bill Owen, region 13 scheduler and statistician

  • Kicks From the Penalty Mark (KFTPM) for Tied Playoff Games

    Playoff games ending in a tie will go immediately to Kicks From the Penalty Mark (KFTPM) to determine the winner. There will be no overtime play.

    The KFTPM procedures are attached for your review. For referees unfamiliar with KFTPM, please review the procedures carefully. We hope to have experienced referees available on fields to help as needed.


  • New Heading Ban

    See the information below on the new AYSO heading ban in effect with the 2016 Fall Season. The ban applies to all players in the U12 age division and below.


    1. Consistent with the U.S. Soccer mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division players U-11 (U-12 and below for programs without single age divisions) and below in both practices and games.

    Heading for players in U-14 is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per week with no more than 15-20 headers, per player. There is no restriction on heading in matches.

    2. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player age 10 or younger, deliberately touches the ball with his/her head during a game.

    a. The indirect free kick is to be taken from the place where the player touched the ball with his/her head.

    b. An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team’s goal area, must be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the player touched the ball with his/her head.

    3. Neither cautions nor send offs shall be issued for persistent infringement or denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity related to the heading infraction.

  • Revisions to Laws of the Game

    The “guardian” of the Laws of the Game, the IFAB (International Football Association Board), recently completed a comprehensive rewrite resulting in many revisions. These new law changes will be in effect during the 2016 Fall Season. While most of the revisions are minor in nature, and will not have a significant impact on games, it might be worthwhile to understand these changes.

    For a summary of the revisions, including kickoffs in any direction, see the slides attached below.


  • Sideline Etiquette

    AYSO strives to create a healthy environment for our children and our community. One of the ways we do this is by maintaining a high standard of conduct at our games:

    • Negative comments and complaints about officiating are prohibited.
    • In Region 13, the home team always occupies the north or west sideline. This rule applies regardless of sun, shade or other conditions.
      • Spectators must sit on their team’s sideline.
      • No spectators are allowed behind the goal line.
    • Coaches must remain in “the technical area” (on the sideline, within 10 yards of the halfway line). Whether or not the technical area is painted, coaches must go no further from the halfway line than the edge of the center circle.
      • Exceptions: U6, U7, and U8 coaches are allowed along the entire sideline.
    • Only coaches may “coach” (i.e., instruct and direct the players). Others on the sideline should cheer and encourage, but never coach.
    • Coach participation in matches is limited to comments that are positive, instructional, or encouraging.
    • A coach should not speak to opposing players, except perhaps to compliment them on their play.
    • Coaches and spectators are not entitled to question the referee’s calls or ask for explanations during a match.
    • Coaches are not permitted on the field unless specifically invited by the referee (e.g., even if there is an injury, the coach must be invited by the referee before entering the field).
      • Exceptions:

        • U7 Coaches are permitted on the field for September games.
        • U6 Coaches are permitted on the field throughout the season.
    • Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited at AYSO games and practices, and in the immediate vicinity of AYSO fields.
    • AYSO games (and practices) require a certified, currently registered AYSO coach.
    • AYSO scheduled games require a certified, currently registered AYSO referee. If there is no referee, there can be no game, but the teams may still scrimmage.
    • Region 13 has adopted a NO Pets Policy at all AYSO events held in the Region.  We ask all parents, guests and spectators to please leave your pets at home when you attend any AYSO event including practices, games, picture day, opening ceremonies, Tournaments, etc. This Policy is endorsed at the National level, is endorsed at the Section level, is endorsed at the Area level, is consistent with neighboring Regions and is in keeping with our Insurance Policy which does not cover animal bites or related injuries.  Service animals are generally exempt from this Policy. We appreciate your cooperation.

Coach – someone in charge of training an athlete or a team

Each year over 500 parents and volunteers step forward to coach either as a head coach or assistant coach. Region 13 and AYSO provide these outstanding individuals with the training they need to be effective coaches. The training is always age appropriate. Ask any coach just how rewarding the experience is. No experience necessary. Won’t you volunteer to coach?

Coaches are encouraged to check this page regularly throughout the season for important updates, news and other information. Bookmarking the page in your web browser is not a bad idea, either.

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