Every year we receive questions about why Region 13 asks for financial contributions through our fundraising programs. The following information may help you understand our financial circumstances and the need for everyone to help in whatever way possible.

Region 13 operates under AYSO’s 501(c)(3) number 95-6205398.

In addition to the costs that might seem obvious to you, such as the purchase of player uniforms and providing pictures of each child and their team, there are many, perhaps, less obvious expenses. For example, Region 13 participates in the maintenance and upkeep of many of our playing fields, by purchasing fertilizer and paying for sprinkler repairs. There are considerable costs associated with providing coach and referee training, equipment and uniforms. We have to purchase and maintain all of the goals and nets used throughout our region. The region must also pay a fee for each player to the National AYSO organization (presently $12.75) and to Area C (currently $2.50). In addition, Region 13 is actively involved in field development, so that sufficient room is available for our children’s games and practices. Player registration fees provide only about half of the funds required to run Region 13.

We could, of course, charge very high registration fees, sufficient to cover all of our expenses, and avoid altogether the need for fundraising. However, when the region sets registration fees each year, our objective is to keep them as low as possible – so that more families, and families with multiple children in the program, can afford to participate. In order to keep registration fees low, Region 13 engages in a number of fundraising activities.


Two of our major fund raising events are the Myles Standish Thanksgiving Tournament and the Spring Break Classic Tournament. These events attract some of the top AYSO teams and are regularly sold out.

Circle of Champions

This is Region 13’s primary contribution program. Various levels of giving have been defined and accompanying recognition levels developed.

Everyone is encourage to participate in the Circle of Champions. Those who do not volunteer as a coach, referee, team manager, or board/staff are especially encouraged to give generously. The levels of giving are defined as follows:

Level of GivingDonation Range
BronzeUnder $100
Silver$100 – $250
Gold$251 – $500
Platinum$501 – $750

Team Sponsors

Our goal is to identify at least one sponsor for each of our 280+ teams. Sponsors are often commercial businesses, professionals, individuals and sometimes a group of parents of the team members. Sponsorships require a minimum donation of $350 to the region. In return, sponsors receive our sincere gratitude and, after the season, a plaque with the team picture on it for display.

Sponsorship monies may be used for normal operating expenses or added to other fundraising amounts for special projects. In the past, these funds have been used by Region 13 to participate in the development of playing fields; the construction of the snack bar at the Rose Bowl; the lighting of Victory Park, Muir High School, Pasadena High School and Washington Middle School; and to renovate McKinley field. Every team should work very hard to obtain a sponsor. Their contributions are critical to Region13’s development.

A sponsorship form in pdf format is available [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=24 linktext=here /]. If you have any questions, please contact

Website Sponsors

Started in 2004, our website sponsorship program is a great way to reach members of the Region 13 family. In a very short period of time, the region’s website has become not only a fundamental tool, but also the primary means of timely communication within the region. However, this tool does not come without cost. Therefore, a limited sponsorship program has been developed to provide operating funds for the website and to fund the region’s scholarship program.

The program is limited to 25 commercial businesses or professional practices. The minimum donation is $500 per year. In return, your logo, contact information and link to your business website will be prominently displayed on the Region 13 site. The region’s website gets more than 486,000 page views annually. In a recent Region 13 survey, over 90% of those responding said they would patronize a business that sponsored the region’s website. For further information and details on how you can participate, please contact our webmaster.

Thank You

Your board of directors does its best to control costs, while maintaining the premier youth soccer program available. It takes literally hundreds of volunteers to stage our fundraising events, so that registration fees can remain among the lowest of any organized youth sport in our area. If we were unable to generate sufficient funds from our various fundraising activities, there would be no choice but to increase registration fees dramatically.

We hope you will join in thanking all of the many volunteers who are responsible for Region 13’s very successful fundraising activities. Their hard work and dedication are the bedrock upon which Region 13’s tremendous success for your children is built. Remember also, that each of our fundraising events require volunteers on the days which they occur. Please give freely of your time to participate in these fun activities.

Team sponsors, if you haven’t received your sponsorship plaque, or if your plaque contains any errors, please contact

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