Congratulations Gold Lightening

Congratulations to our BU10 team, Gold Lightening, on coming in 4th place at our Section Play-Through Playoffs this past weekend in Riverside.  This was the Section 1 tournament for all the fall season teams.


Gold Lightening was one of our 2 BU10 teams that represented Region 13 in our Area 1/C playoffs in December. They won our Area 1/C tournament and represented our Area in the Section 1 tournament this last weekend. 


To help this make sense, there are 14 Sections and about 500,000 AYSO players in the US.   We are a part of Section 1.  There are about 88,000 players in Section  1. Of these 88,000, there are roughly 11,300 BU10 players.  This means about 1100 BU10 teams.  Of these 1100, Gold Lightening came in 4th place!!!


Congratulations to Coach Dan Jeffries, Assistant Coach Ken Kiessling and the Gold Lightening:

Zain, Caden, Zachary, Ean, Ryan, Caden, Hayden, Ethan, and Bardi.


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